Can I buy Travel Insurance?

Absolutely! Island Home Rentals offers 2 kinds of travel insurance, Standard (7% of trip cost) and Cancel Anytime (10.8% of trip cost). You can purchuse insurance at the time of your reservation online or ask your agent to include it in the reservation if processing manually. You can also visit our insurance website to purchase the it directly, INSURANCE WEBSITE. For Cancel Anytime, you must purchase within 14 days of your inital booking. Standard Insurance can be purchased anytime before 30 days of your arrical date.

What are the check in/check out times?

Check in- 4:00 pm
Check out- 10:00 am
(Early check-in and/or late check-out times may be possible for an additional fee. Please check with your rental agent.)

How do I check in?

All of our check-ins are hands-free without contact. You will receive an an email with check-in instructions 5 days before your arrival date. Please follow the instructions carefully and respect our check-in times.

Are pets allowed?  Service Animals vs. Emotional Support Animals

We have many homes that are pet friendly. Please ask your agent. There is a $250 non-refundable pet fee per pet. Approval and arrangements must be made prior to arrival.

If you have a dog that is a legitimate trained service animal that is protected by ADA (not an Emotional Support Animal), please be respectful of our owner's requests and try to choose a pet-friendly home if at all possible. Most owner's who do not allow pets, do so because of allergies. Also, you must make us aware of your animal upfront and you will be asked the following 2 questions:
  • Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?
  • What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?
If you have a certified ESA (Emotional Support Animal) and wish to rent a home that is not pet friendly, you must produce documentation for your ESA, and then the owner will decide if they will allow your pet. It is not guaranteed. Remember, this is a vacation rental home which is governed by the Division of Hotels & Restaurants, not the Fair Housing Act. These homes are considered temporary housing, not long term living. 

And please remember, it’s now a second-degree misdemeanor in Florida if people misrepresent the need for a service animal or an ESA.

Are towels and linens provided?

Each of our rental properties is different but most are stocked with an ample supply of bed linens & blankets, pillows and bath towels. Beach/pool towels are typically provided as well.

Is there internet access?

Most of our properties offer free high-speed internet access for guests. If this is a must for you, please ask before booking. There are also a number of local restaurants & businesses that offer wireless internet service to the public, as well as our local Public Library.

What should I bring?

Our homes are generally ready and equipped for basic living needs. They are not pre-stocked with food, paper goods, drinks, soaps, detergents, etc. You will have to either bring a supply from your home or plan on going to the store upon arrival. Most homes do have a few "starters" to get you by the first day, but they are not guaranteed.

If you like to ride bikes, kayak, paddle board, etc., you may want to bring those kinds of things along as well. Some homes may have these items but again, they are not guaranteed. These items belong to the homeowners so it is their right to remove them or replace them with different items and we are not always privy to their changes. If this is something that is important to you, please check with your agent before your rental starts as you may have to bring your own or make arrangements to rent them.

What will the weather be like?

Florida Keys weather is very tropical. It can rain one hour and be sunny and beautiful the next. Do not get hung up on watching the weather forecast in advance of your arrival. The best way to know what the weather will be like is to go outside when you are here to see if it's sunny, raining or overcast.

What if I'm here during hurricane season?

We encourage our guests to insure their trip with GuardianTravel Insurance if you are traveling during Hurricane Season, June - November. Please ask for more details.

What are the bugs like in The Keys?

Bugs....we are in a tropical environment....they are everywhere! Florida and particularly the Keys have many different "pests" you will come across. Here are a few of the common ones:
  • The number one offenders are mosquitoes and noseeums. Both bite and both are very prevalent here. Plan to buy and use bug spray and in bad times (dawn, dusk and after a rain shower) you may need to cover up. 
  • Palmetto Bugs, aka cockroaches. They are a part of living here. If you see them, they are usually dead and laying on their backs. If they are alive, kill it and move on. 
  • Ants. We have all different kinds of ants. The worst kind are what we refer to as "sugar ants". If you leave food on the counter, they will come. They may even come if you don't leave anything on the counter! They are pesky little ants that invade your kitchen...try to clean up regularly to help and keep all food in the refrigerator.
Who cleans the house during my stay?

You! We encourage you to keep a clean and tidy home for many reasons. Number one, see the above paragraph. Number two, you will be charged extra for excessive cleaning at the end of your stay. Remember, these are private homes not hotels so guests are expected to clean regulalry throughout their monthly stay. If you wish to have your home cleaned throughout your stay, please ask and we can refer you to our cleaners to make arrangements.